An interview with Susie Kim, general manager of London Spitfire

08 de Julio de 2018

For those of you who don’t know her, Susie Kim was born in South Korea and emigrated along with her family to the United States when she was 3 years old. She started as a translator and an English teacher in Korea. But, she then moved into the world of esports, starting with Starcraft, LOL and now, Overwatch.

Titan Media: How do you see the team facing the playoffs?

Susie Kim:
I am optimistic! The boys are practicing very hard, reviewing VODs and discussing everyday, so I am hopeful that we’ll do well.

TM: How do the players feel themselves?

They are quite tired since the season was so long, but they are all competitive fighters; they are pushing through and trying their best.

TM: We all know that the playoffs will be played with the 1.25 patch, do you think these changes will benefit the team?

The new Hanzo is definitely the biggest change. We have players practicing this hero to make sure that we can benefit from it.

TM: How’s the staff preparing the team, are they doing some kind of special work for these playoffs?

There's a lot of focus work since we have a lot of time to really prepare for the Gladiators. We are just trying to make sure that the players don't get burned out and continuously make sure that their daily needs are being met.


TM: let's talk about your role as GM of London Spitfire. What did you find when you arrived at London Spitfire, what were your priorities as a General Manager?

I am the biggest support role for the team. I take care of making sure that our in-house chef has everything she needs to cook for our players, various paperwork, scheduling, planning and also discussing with our coaches about the strengths and weaknesses of our team. I am also the person who is responsible for communication between our organization and the team. And of course, I do "mother" roles like remembering our players' birthdays and spending time with each of them to listen to their issues and problems.

TM: What was the reason why London Spitfire was the only team in the league who didn't add new players to their roster?

We started with 12 incredibly talented players from 2 successful teams in Korea. It was difficult for us to give all of them playing time and so we ended up trading or letting go of players over time. There was no need for us to add more players - as in the case of Tizi. We added him but it was hard for us to figure out his role.

TM: Now that the inaugural season is almost over, what's your valoration of this OWL, how do you see the Spitfires for the next season?

It's so hard to see how things will change next season for Spitfire right now. We are currently focusing on playoffs and finals before thinking far ahead to Season 2.

TM: There’re few rumors saying that there will be more european teams in the next season, which european cities would you like to see representing europe?

I would love to see France and Germany get involved with OWL because they have always been countries that embrace esports. Having more fans in Europe to love Overwatch would be great!

TM: We know that you have previous experience in games like SC2 and LOL but, is there something in OW/OWL/LS that you didn’t expect?

OWL is very new and it's the first time that something this big and global has been attempted. I didn't expect it to grow as fast as it did. I am surprised at the viewership of the League and look forward to seeing it grow even bigger.

TM: Summer is here and the OWL is taking a rest, what plans do you have for your holidays?, would you like to come to Spain? we have excellent food and beaches.

I would LOVE to come to Spain! However, there's so much to do in the off-season. Several players are in All-Stars and we have Fury as a part of the Korean National team, so I will have to help them out. Also, the off-season is for rebuilding and planning for the future but there are plans to go to the UK this year at some point; I’m excited to be able to talk more about that in the near future.

TM: From TitanMediaES we believe that you did a great job with the team, winning or losing there will always be fans supporting the London Spitfire, do you have any message for your fans here in Spain?.

I am always so thankful for the loyal fans who support us no matter what. What happens behind the scenes is sometimes really stressful and when we see encouraging words from fans, it helps us gain more strength to do well and push harder. So thank you so much!!