Official statement: Player Suspension

29 de Agosto de 2018

Official statement from TitanMediaEs.

In the light of recent events that took place within the Spanish Overwatch community as well as within the European competitive community regarding wintrading and buying and selling accounts we, TitanMediaES, have decided to suspend indefinitely from participating in our tournaments the following individuals involved in this event, namely: "MrUnlucky", "Jasper", "MonkaS", "Dielgos" & "CrazyDragon".

These players will not be allowed to participate in any current or future tournament or event run by TitanMediaES. We consider this case to be a major offence. This is why the duration of the suspension will be indefinite, although it may be revisited in the future.

Due to the insurmountable amount of incontestable evidence received we feel the need to make this decision and not allow players that take part in this kind of practices to participate in our tournaments or events.

That being said, proof will be sent to Blizzard Entertainment so that they can take appropriate measures.

Overwatch's success in Spain hinges on everyone of us, the community, to make it as clean and healthy as we can. We need to deter this kind of behaviour and report them as soon as we become aware of them.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any doubt or question regarding bans or reports via our email: [email protected]