Overwatch World Cup

We sat down whit "Sharper" CM of the Swiss Team

02 de Septiembre de 2018

The Overwatch World Cup 2018 continues after a couple of weeks off, making a comeback and packing a punch.
The next september 7th will mark a start for the Los Angeles Stage with some of the dearest teams for the community.
This year the encounters will take place at 7:00pm (19:00h CEST); so make your popcorns and prepare your drinks because the scheduling couldn’t be better for us to watch this stage.


Among the 6 teams that will clash on this stage are some with a high chance to put the Stage 1 classified teams against the ropes (The Invicted South Korea and the monstrous Finland).


  • Austria: After the bitter taste that the previous world cup left in them, the austrian team comes back stronger than ever, with some familiar faces from the previous line-up to see if they can make amends: Wat7 (Tank), Sentotix (Tank) and Itzeru (Support).


  • Brazil: Even though the previous world cup they fell in a stronger group this stage they are coming stronger as the sole representation of Latin America on this cu, with the intention of storming the stage, with familiar faces and some fresh ones:
    Dudu (DPS), Liko (DPS), Neil (Tank) and Alemao (Support).


  • Canada: One of this year’s favorites, and with a lot to back that statement up, because on the previous cup they proved to the Koreans that they were a high (and barb-wired) fence to jump over on the Finals, so it was known that almost the complete roster will repeat their performance this year. After the All-Star Weekend event, Surefour (DPS) proved his supremacy on the 1v1 Widowmaker competition, becoming one of the favorite players to see, and the controversial xQc (Tank) comes back to the spotlight after his retirement from the Overwatch League to show us his power in the name of his country. If this roster worked last time, why not give it another go?


  • United States: Another favorite for this stage, who also gave one of the best matches to see on the previous world cup against the Korean champions.

Sinatraa (Atack) and Rawkus (Support) make a comeback, and the rest of the team players are well known among the fans of the Overwatch League


  • Norway: Last year they couldn’t counter the french player AKM on their match against France, losing the chance right on the door of the quarter-finals, but the scandinavian team are more ready than ever this time.

Onigod (DPS), Iko (DPS), IPN (Flex) and Decod (Tank) make a comeback, and the rest of the roster is formed by Overwatch CONTENDERS players.


  • Switzerland: This team didn't make the cut for the stages of the Overwatch World Cup 2017, and on 2016 ended up being the last of their stage, but that won't stop them to give their best this year and prove how swiss teams are not to be underestimated. Even though this team is mostly formed of semi-professional players, they are ready to make quite an impression.
    You can see their enthusiasm for this year’s cup on a little Q&A with had with the Swiss Team’s CM


  • How do you see the players’ performance for this upcoming event?

    Switzerland: It’s really hard to judge from our side as we do not have any professional players. It could be really either top or flop, but we’re hoping for the best and try to prepare us as good as possible!

  • Any thought on the teams of each stage?

    Switzerland: We’re heading into a really interesting group I think, but overall all the groups have some interesting matchups. Obviously, facing USA in the Blizzard arena will not make the task any easier.

  • Who do you think is going to be your strongest contender on your stage?

    Switzerland: It has to be USA followed by Canada. However I wouldn’t underestimate the other teams, they also have a lot of talent.

  • If you go to the next stage, who would you like to be faced with?

    Switzerland: Personally just to be able to proceed to the next stage would already be an honor. If I had to pick though, it would be awesome to see our guys match up with the Koreans!

  • Does the team has any special kind of training?

    Switzerland: We have a bootcamp planned during August.

  • The patch to be played on the OWWC will feature the new hero, Wrecking Bal, would that be beneficial or a setback?

    Switzerland: Honestly this is always a coin toss. It could be that a team invents a crazy strategy with him and they will crush you, or that he’s just straight up not good enough. I think he’ll have his place on some maps, but we won’t ONLY see him.

  • Titan Media will broadcast all your matches for the Hispanic community, any message for those who will cheer for you on this stage?

    Switzerland: Thanks in advance if you cheer for our country!

    We wish you the best of luck on this stage!


There’s no excuse!

On the weekend of September 7th to 9th at 7:00 PM (19:00h CEST) you have an appointment on TitanMediaES to enjoy some of Overwatch on all it’s glory.

Guys, the cavalry's here!