Overwatch World Cup

This is the Thailand Stage of the OWWC 2018 / We sat down with QueenE (Swedish GM)

11 de Septiembre de 2018

After an intense stage group in Los Angeles, The Overwatch World Cup continue while the teams have proven to have a high skill level.
Unites States and Canada were the two teams to be clasiffied on this group stage, showing strategies  and a level of team play way higher than the rest of their group.

But is not over ye, on the next September 14th of 2018 it will show a start to the Thailand Stage in Bangkok, with teams that managed to get to the last phase and some even to the semifinals.

This group stage will take place at 05:00h CEST, so we will have to wake up quite early to be able to see these great matches.
Among the six teams that will play on this stage there are some that gave up a fight last year and others who not so much. 

  • CHINA: After falling against France last year, they are coming back eager than ever to show their skills, even though Leave(DPS) is the only one repeating this year in the roster, making this team a big riddle, they play their cards close to the chest so is hard to tell what to expect of them.
  • THAILAND: Their stage was a complicated one and were eventually defeated by China last year, but more than half the roster is coming back and leaded by Mickey (Flex) who made quite a name for himself on the OWL becoming the best Brigitte in the world, whose story has inspired many unknown players to keep on fighting for their dreams, his team oPuTo (DPS), Pannys (Support) and Teetawat (Tank) are coming back by his side.
  • AUSTRALIA: One of the teams with high expectation because of the show they gave last year on the group phase, but the whole roster is completely new except for Trill (Tank), which have us on a simmering intrigue.
  • SPAIN: After some setbacks inside the team, with a new coach and without Neptuno, one of spain's best players, they were able to reach this Group Stage after all the effort the put in. Most of last year roster are coming back and some know faces are ready to give it all. BromaS (Tank), HarryHook (Support), dhaK (Support), Linepro (Support) andToxikeN (DPS).
  •  DINAMARCA: Last year these guys started with the wrong foot and had it hard on the Group Stage, but this year might be quite a surprise and show us the potential we know they have, some of the same roster is back ,Fischer (DPS), Nerfdd (Tank) and Kellex (Support).
  • SWEDEN:  One of this year favorites, third finalist on the World Cup of 2017 and one of the most hard contenders to beat on this stage, and a lot of high level players from the Overwatch League are ready to make their country proud, TviQ (DPS), snillo (DPS), Manneten (Tank) and Chipshajen (Support).


All the teams are working hard on their training to get their spot on BlizzCon where the best teams in the world will face in battle. We talked a little with QueenE, Team Sweden's General Manager.


  • How do you see the players’ performance for this upcoming event?

    Sweden: This is going to be the most stacked world cup yet, so the competition will be fierce, but we have a very strong and versatile team so we have high hopes for our performance this year.  

  • Any thought on the teams of each stage?

    Sweden: Honestly, all of the teams this year are strong and I think every stage will be very tough to get through. Looking forward to seeing some absolute world class Overwatch being played with many exciting matches!

  • Who do you think is going to be your stronger contender on your stage?

    Sweden: China and Spain have both historically gone far in the OWWC's of 2016 and 2017 respectively as well as Australia being the unexpected dark horse of last year, so it's hard to pick any one to be the absolute strongest contender. However China did get top 8 twice in a row so statistically they are looking extra strong.

  • If you go to the next stage, who would you like to be faced with?

    Sweden: Very hard to say but to be able to prove ourselves VS South Korea would be fun!

  • Does the team has any special kind of training?

    Sweden: We are holding a pretty rigorous scrimming and practice schedule in preparation of the group stages, but other than that we're not having any special boot camping or so going on.

  • The patch to be played on the OWWC is still unknown, if Wrecking Ball is available, would that be beneficial or a setback?

    Sweden: Beneficial, we have a very flexible team so it would be fun to show our adaptability.

  • Titan Media will broadcast all your matches for the Hispanic community, any message for those who will cheer for you on this stage?

    Sweden: Thank you for watching and cheering for us, we will work hard to make you proud!

    We wish you the best of luck on this stage!


There's no excuse!

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