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All Set for the France Stage | We talked with Noukky, GM of Team Germany

19 de Septiembre de 2018

Now that Finland, South Korea, Canada, USA, China and Australia have won their respective group stages and are now between the top eight teams to play in BlizzCon on November, we now arrived to one of the most important cities of Europe, Paris.

On the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of September, the France Stage will commence at 10:00h CEST on the first day, and then at 12:00h CEST on the following days. This will be quite an interesting and exciting group stage given though many players on these teams areqre OWL and Contenders players who have proven to be quite a joy to watch them play, On this stage is where the last six teams will compete until only 2 remains for a spot on the BlizzCon.

  • UNITED KINGDOM: After their fall to Sweden last year, this year most of the roster is back, and they are all ready and impproved, withg many talents on the OWL, MikeyA (DPS), Smex (Polivalente), ChrisTFer (Tanque), Kruise (Support) and Boombox (Support).

  • POLAND: They didn't qualified on the world cup of 2016 nor 2017, and it would be quite hard for them to achieve that goal this year, their averae level is way below the the rest of the team's because they are not quite experienced on the competitive field.They only count with a single Contenders player and three of the previous roster.  Danye (DPS), Matwoj (Flex) and Setrox (Tanque).

  • ITALY: Last year they were the worst team on their groups, losing all games by a wide margin of defeat, none of the players are particularly known. In 2016 they classified to BlizzCon , but afterwards they haven't improved much So it could be a matter of luck if this year is their year. Some of the old roster is back Carnifex (DPS), Bimbz (Support) and isa (Support).

  • FRANCE: This stage's favorite and one of the most feared teams, they are back after being only Semifinalist on last year's cup. This year they are stronger than ever, witth some of the strongest OWL players on the field, the Team are: SoOn (DPS), aKm (DPS), NiCO (DPS), uNKOE (Support) and winz (Support).

  • NETHERLANDS: Even though they put up a fight, they couldnt classified last year and their progress seems to be on a stalemate, they have some Contenders players but the Stage they are facing is Strong and complicated.Jona (DPS), Vizility (DPS), Dante (DPS) and CrusaDe (Support).

  • GERMANY: Losing against USA on the doors of the semi finals, this year are back and better than ever, a Team full of surprises with their new roster of players, even though is quite a shame to not see InternetHulk among us, we are all very saddened by his loss. the team only counts with two veterans leading a team of fresh blood. Nesh (DPS) and cRNKz (DPS) are repeating.

This will be an exciting group stage and will leave us with a lot to talk about, so now we show you what Noukky, GM of Team Germany have to say. 

  • How do you see the players’ performance for this upcoming event?

    Germany: I am fairly sure we are under the top 3 teams of our group, I think our players will have the potential to show the community that we can make it to Blizzcon this year.

  • Any thought on the teams of each stage?

    Germany: I think there is countries that clearly stand out each stage, everyone has like a potential top 3. It will be interesting to see the matches between each of them and how the new round robin format plays out.

  • Who do you think is going to be your stronger contender on your stage?

    Germany: I think it will be either France or United Kingdom. Both have very good OWL and Contenders talent, what especially stands out is their coaches, both are working with OWL teams and had great success developing talent.

  • If you go to the next stage, who would you like to be faced with?

    Germany: It would be really nice to face teams from a different region than Europe if they make it through. The Thailand group stage has some pretty interesting teams, I hope to face one of them.

  • Does the team has any special kind of training?

    Germany :We don't do much different from other Overwatch teams. Maybe I promised them cookies if they win but, who knows~

  • The patch to be played on the OWWC is still unknown, if Wrecking Ball is available, would that be beneficial or a setback?

    Reply:I think it will be really interesting to play with wrecking ball. If a player specializes on him I think he can have huge impact in team fights, especially for dive and stalling.

  • Titan Media will broadcast all your matches for the Hispanic community, any message for those who will cheer for you on this stage?

    Reply:We are really grateful for every single person cheering for us. Germany is not one of the bigger countries in Europe when it comes to Overwatch talent and we hope that a good performance helps the scene grow a bit and peak interest of the right people. Thank you guys so much for covering us.

We wish you the best of luck on this stage

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